5 de fevereiro de 2012

For The Streets

Artist: HTD
Featured Artists: Hernâni, Hot Blaze
Title: For The Streets
Genre: Hip-Hop
Produced By: Freeze
Htd ft Hernâni,HotBlaze - For The Streets (Produced By Freeze)


Ok5x hun, it’s Hernâni if you didn’t know
Sameblood Studio boy here we go
Yeah i’m chillin at my brother’s lab like Dee Dee yo
And Moz? We still on, ninguém desligou

Fresh playa, yeah i’m wearing some vans
Good clothes nice pants, Woolworths Markhams
Johnny Depp Mick Jagger swag
One hundred, yall niggas like 10 percent

And i keep telling these little kets
You’re a bunch of fake dudes who need realer raps
Watch me do it better than you triple x
That’s why i’m the same number you see on a goalkeepers back

Htd what it do playa?
You know i got you, you’re my dawg, no coleira
Chasing that Tom Cruise money yeah we on a mission
So if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen

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